Hail Formation Explained

If you’ve ever experienced the ordeal of having your car pelted by a severe hailstorm, you may not know much about hail other than it turned your vehicle into a pockmarked shadow of its former self. The Hail Star PDR mobile dent removal service specializes in travelling all over the country, helping to restore the vehicles in communities that have been hit hard by hail storms. Our paintless dent repair services will leave your car looking as good as it did before being battered by falling hailstones. After we put your misfortune in the rearview mirror, you may be more interested in learning about the scientific phenomenon responsible for the formation of hail.

What is Hail?

Hail requires very specific weather conditions in order to form. A strong thunderstorm cloud must be present to provide the moisture needed. Additionally, temperatures must be in a range that spans from below freezing (higher up in the cloud) to above the freezing point (in the cloud’s lower reaches). The other crucial condition is a strong updraft. Water droplets become supercooled in the lower part of the cloud, and grow in size as they collide with and stick to others. The updraft forces these droplets upwards, where they solidify in colder temperatures. This cycle may repeat several times, and each time a new layer of ice is added to the growing hailstone. Eventually, the updraft will be unable to support the weight of the hailstone, at which point it falls from the cloud down to the ground.

Why Hail is Terrible for Your Car

PDR Expert at WorkThat statement, as obvious as it is, is valid in that a hail storm can cause massive amounts of damage. The hailstones themselves can destroy crops, strip trees, and even damage buildings if they are big enough. Your car, however, is the one with a bullseye on its back. Hail damage can cause a vehicle to be classified as having a low resale value, and it just makes your car look trashy. Realistically, nobody wants hail damage but sometimes it cannot be helped. In Kansas, hail producing thunderstorms can happen at any time and cause massive damage. Cars that are caught in the open are relentlessly pounded to a pulp by these common storms. When this happens paintless dent repair is the ideal solution. Not only is PDR the industry standard for hail damage repair, it is much more economical than traditional bodywork. No need to deal with body fillers, paint, and a mismatched paint color. Paintless dent repair will restore the resale value of your vehicle and produce a vehicle that you are proud to drive around. As for hail damage, it is our bread and butter, but we are sure that you could do without it.        


We’re sure you’ll agree that hail is much more interesting when it isn’t threatening your vehicle. For mobile dent removal service you can count on, contact Hail Star PDR today!


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  • Sarah Smith
    May 1, 2019, 2:55 pm REPLY

    My son left our sedan out last night and the hood and roof are pitted badly. I really appreciate your information that paintless dent repair is more economical than traditional dent repair. With that in mind, I will start looking into a paintless dent repair specialist in my area.

  • Stefan Bradley
    July 22, 2019, 7:54 am REPLY

    I didn’t realize that hail can significantly damage your car and can even lower its resale value. My uncle bought new care recently and has been noticing that it has been directly under frequent hailstorms. I’ll let him know that he should find a dent repair service so that his car’s value isn’t lowered by the weather.

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